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Camping and the Environment

The motto of serious campers: "Take only memories and photographs, leave only footprints."

How would you like to arrive at a camp-site and find it littered with the garbage left by the last people who were there? I wouldn't - and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't.

When camping in the wilderness, remember there is no place to dispose of your garbage. You have to take it with you. The less garbage you generate, the less you have to carry out. To this end, I am presenting a few guidelines:

    "Disposable" items cease to be a convenience when you have to pack and carry them after use.

  1. - Plastic 'silverware' breaks easily - use stainless steel.
  2. - Use good quality plastic plates, bowls and cups - not paper or polystyrene foam.
  3. - Use terry-cloth washcloths instead of paper napkins - they're washable and reusable.
  4. - Use a damp sponge to mop up spills instead of paper towels.
  5. - Forget about shaving; you won't have to carry a razor (I haven't shaved in years).
  6. - Use a liquid fuel stove - propane and butane cylinders are not refillable.
  7. - Try to prepare only enough food for a meal. Left-overs can spoil and become garbage.
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