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Sample HTML Document
This is my picture.
This is an example of how to place a caption under a picture. The border around the picture is done by setting the background in the cell containing the picture to "WHITE" = "#FFFFFF". These cells have no borders, giving a clean appearance to the page.

Only cells containing tabular data should have borders.

The text you are reading is in an adjacent cell.

To view the source code for this page hit [Alt] [v] [s] - seperately.

The "horizontal rule" (<hr>) below is 600 pixels wide. It is used as an aid in setting width of the browser window so you can see what the page will look like when viewed on a computer with a screen resolution of 640 X 480. This is necessary to insure that the page will have a pleasing appearance to all who view the page. For this reason it is necessary to not have any tables or pictures wider than 600 pixels.

St Peter's Roman Catholic Church

Fresco on back wall of Sanctuary

Because of the difference in heights of these two pictures, the space here becomes available for text. Adding this text gives balance to the page.

The space should be filled with text.

In the following two examples, we can see what happens when we use a "white" background
(<td bgcolor="#ffffff" ... >) in the cells containing the pictures and captions.

The upper pair of pictures have five pixel wide, black borders The cell background color is not specified, thus the page background shows through and can interfere with readability of the captions.

The lower pair of pictures is presented with no borders, giving a cleaner appearance. The cells have a white background giving much better readability of the captions. In this case the white background blends in with the background picture. When using other pictures, select a "cell background" color that blends in with the background picture.

The Catawba Queen

Queens Landing

The Catawba Queen

Queens Landing