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-= Paul's Legal Stuff =-

Legal Stuff

Please take note:

The entire content of this site is the intellectual work of Paul Graham and is copyrighted 1997 & 1998.

The paintings, sketches, drawings, etc. on Bethany's Art Page are the intellectual work of my daughter, Bethany and are not to be used for any purpose without express written permission.

License is granted to any individual who wishes to use my photographs, graphics and animations for his/her personal use (no permission for commercial use is granted or implied) and my backgrounds may be used on personal WEB pages providing credit is given (h6).

To use these graphics, photographs and animations, please download/copy to your site. DO NOT link to them.
This site changes frequently and you may be unpleasantly surprized if you link to these graphics.

In case you were wondering:

The background photograph on the /index page was taken at Illinois Beach State Park and is the view looking Northeast from the campground.

Background patterns were composed using "Paint Brush".

Copyright 1997 & 1998 by Paul Graham