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How Animations Are Made

Animations are very easy to make. Required software is a good drawing program (I used "Paint Brush") and an animation program ( I used "GIF Construction Set"). It takes a little practice and once you get the hang of it, it's as easy as 3.14159265 (that's Pi - for you non-mathemeticians).

In this example I will demonstrate making a simple animated Jack-O-Lantern.
Step 1 - Draw a pupmkin.

Save it as 'pmpkn01.pcx
Step 2 - Draw the right eye.

Save it as 'pmpkn02.pcx
Step 3 - Draw the left eye.

Save it as 'pmpkn03.pcx
Step 4 - Draw the nose.

Save it as 'pmpkn04.pcx
Step 5 - Draw the mouth.

Save it as 'pmpkn05.pcx
Step 6 - Change the face
from black to yellow

Save it as 'pmpkn06.pcx

Now we exit from the drawing program and run the animation program.

Step 7 - Assemble the animation

Save it as 'pmkin-97.gif
See, piece of cake...

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